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Pet Peeves...again!

Posted by dashwood95 , 14 March 2014 · 2,236 views

Hey it's been a while so I can discuss pet peeves again.....

Why do people join a few, a dozen, a few dozen sites all asking the same question but not going back to see what answer they've been given?

In the case of spammers of the traditional sense that's an obvious question. They usually sign up and hide links in the post that go to nefarious sites or have other intention to cause destruction. I'm not talking about those types of "spammers" in this post. I'm talking about the ones that really do have a problem, but they are so damned impatient they sign up at many sites to ask the same question.

This is extremely rude and also frustrating because we spend a lot of time trying to offer advice or suggestions only to never hear back on the outcome. These posts are kept so they might be indexed and therefore searchable later for people that are having a same or similar issue. I hate when I find an old topic somewhere that never got resolved one way or the other because the OP never bothered to report back.

Rules to live by people....

1) If you post a question, always...ALWAYS go back and post when it's resolved, even if you resolved it on your own or via other methods.

2) When possible, post what you did to resolve it.

3) Be patient. We aren't here 24/7 just waiting for your question to pop up. Give us 24 hours. Usually we don't even need that long.

4) Manners go a long way. We don't ask for much, but a simple thank you or kind word really means something.

5) Don't be just a taker. Stick around and maybe answer someone else's question....Even if it's just to bump their post because you think we missed it.

Feel free to offer your thoughts and your additions to the rules to live by. :)

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Dashie - in a word, AMEN!!!!



One of my bug-bears is on some forums, where they (rightly) expect the OP to have done some research prior to asking the question.


Firstly, if the answer is out there in the manual or the Land of Google, they'll get it straight away without having to wait for the best-placed person to answer them (who might have just gone away).  Also, there's the satisfaction of having answered your own question without having to resort to someone else.


Here's the bug-bear though: Someone comes along, typically a moderator with about 20,000 posts and millions of 'Kudos' points to his/her name, spamming the question with comments such as:




"You know, Google's a pretty good search engine, why don't you try using it?"


Not saying that some folk don't deserve answers such as those, but this sort of garbage then gets into the search engines' indexes, and will thus turn up in future search results.


Result: Someone else comes along with the same question, finds it's been asked a few dozen times, and each time the answer is spam - typically posted by a moderator, no less.  And no doubt another spammer-moderator will chime in by giving some kind of 'kudos' to his/her colleague's time-wasting post.


If anyone reading this is such a spammer-moderator, then please just think about the effects that "STFW" has on other people searching for an answer to that same question. 


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