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2nd hard disk activity

system boot up disk usage

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#1 remey



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Posted 14 June 2016 - 01:50 PM


i am running xp-pro sp3 on the c: drive.

the data drive is the d: drive with associated 'stuff'. ie. music, etc.


in the last few days boot up takes far too long[in excess of 50 secs] with respect to how long boot up took before[~ 15 secs from the beep] said time.


i have tried disabling system restore, indexing ser. in 'services console', deleting various files/folders, any and all unnecessary progs, etc. no changes doing these things.


what worked was disconnecting the hdd[d: drive] quick as a blink now since doing this. problem is, the data is now inaccessible.


please advise if any ideas seem or would be possibly a fix, relevant or suited to similar instance with given situation or if anyone knows what is happening. as said, this is only in the last few days. i added no new programs nor made any hardware changes. the OS with all progs within, uses ~ 4.85G of space fully loaded.



#2 ranchhand



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Posted 14 June 2016 - 07:38 PM

The fastest remedy for immediate relief is to purchase a docking station; place your data drive in it, and when you want stored data just turn it on and after you are done turn it off. I have one for myself and my wife and use them for making regular image backups, as well as sensitive information that I don't want to subject to possible hacking.  Both have worked great for years.



If you want to see Newegg's entire line:



Later you can investigate to see what is causing the slowdown if you want. But this will take care of the problem.

BTW....my suggestion is not to keep system restore turned off; it can save your bacon one day when a system file corrupts.

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#3 remey



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Posted 14 June 2016 - 08:15 PM

tnx...makes no difference really but, exceedingly annoying.


at some point, i'll do a re-install if this can't be solved.[ i use Macrium] backup software. it is very quick to redeploy proven backups. no need for SR-all 'extra' data is put to the d:].


this behaviour is only recent. not noticed before on same system with previous OS installs.

there is a cacophany :) of noise emanating from the hdd...as in 'registering' or logging contiguous data with narry a stop to the flow.

it seems there is a large amount of data being accessed or logged[?]. is that it? and what is the data[as in not there previously]


within 'reason' can u tell me or hazard a guess...WHAT is going on & WHY[exactly! if it is known] is it doing this[ at all]? common sense[as in logic or logical :) ] points to this fact['']...there HAS to be a reason. :(


there was no build up or similar and seemingly w/o any due[?] reason.


the oriiginal OS install at the middle of march, it didn't happen. the backup size as such is 4.75G. it is 4.85G now.


the music stored on the drive is 'needed' so, having to keep a drive outside the case is not going to happen. :(


curious though it was, when i disconnected the d: drive and there was....''silence'' :)