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USB bootable thumb drive for XP install

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#1 remey



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Posted 15 June 2017 - 12:01 PM


i hope to find a solution to the above mentioned USB install disk using XP Pro with SP3


have used several utilities[rufus, isotousb] but, no go.


the error with rufus is ''can't find the EULA agrement''. very odd,

other attempts have left a warning saying 'disk error'.


using 2 versions of XP the same error appearing.

versions are,


*Academic[SP2]built in]

with this same OS install.


another attempt was made using ACADEMIC build, with SP3 slipstreamed.


*XP Pro Vol[SP1]with slipstreamed SP2[added] and using that same build in another attempt with[Slipstreamed] SP3].

seems to be, i am buggered trying to use XP and a USB drive.


using a burned CD with both final builds for the above, no issues. just with the USB.


following the XP with USB install instructs available online or out there on the net, there has to or must be something i am doing that is incorrect.


i have no idea what that is.


assist if u can and

IF...it actually, can be done? plse.


enuff of this looping over a loop! :(

cheers much.


#2 remey



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Posted 18 June 2017 - 11:21 PM

is there an issue with this topic or is everyone away on holliers? :(

#3 ranchhand



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Posted 19 June 2017 - 12:22 PM

Apologies, Remey.....I, for one, have no experience with creating a bootable flash drive for XP academic version; first, I didn't know there was an academic version. Second, I am not sure how it varies from a "standard" version of XP, or even if it is possible to create a bootable thumb drive with this version of XP. There are several guides out there for Windows 7,8 and 10, but I only have one site that includes XP instructions: https://www.computer...es/ch001366.htm

Scroll down about half way through the page for XP instructions.

I might also suggest that you try a standard version of XP, say XP Pro, instead of an academic version; that may be your problem. I do believe that you can download versions of XP now legally since M/Soft considers it abandonware.

Sorry...wish I could help more.

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#4 remey



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Posted 28 June 2017 - 11:10 AM

thanks ranchhand...

aye, there are many utilities['rufus', 'isotousb', 'wintousb', zotec MS have one also using appropriate hardware] out there at present to enable use of USB drives

other ways to skin a cat!


the problem is XP. no one wants it...no more :( . it is a true pity in that ''when modern takes over, practical appears to disappear''.


an interesting potential is a tool called 'wintousb', here




this will take up to date ?  :)


[vista, 7, 8 and 10] and one then has a fully installed and working, real-time OS on a USB drive.


the 'install' to the drive is done in a few mins[10, usually-amazing really when ya think of how long it takes doing the normal route-to a hard disk]the install is total, complete.


with the usb drive then, you have access to any hdd on any machine for sort outs.


a PE exists with such a setup complimented with own stuff on it[backed up] like various tools etc.

one mention of a possible negative is, driver issues with the host machine used to provide the original USB install.


i am reasonably sure via some experiences using the USB[MS OSed USB] that any or all of the 'modern day' 7, 8 or 10's can provide the necessary compatible CPU/LAN drivers to work with most machines even the olde ones. there's enough ability then to provide for technical needs.

it's another way of doing the 'needed'. most of those who wud find this useful, have been caught once or twice by scenarios such as the 'need' and didn't have one at hand, some time or another.

i found the utilities mentioned at the top, and the results were worth the effort.