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Rules & Guidelines

General Guidelines and Provisions

The Suggest A Fix Support Forums are moderated by a tight-knit group of moderators who have volunteered to put themselves in the position of making difficult judgment calls.

Most of these Guidelines are geared towards improving the state of the forums, and the quality of information we have here for you. We have felt it appropriate to establish some Standards, or Guidelines, for posting and responding to the topics presented here at SAF. A few of these Guidelines are stricter, however, and they function as rules. The rules come in two forms: the Cardinal, and the Common Sense. All members; Forum Administrators, Forum Staff, Forum Moderators and Regular Members are considered subject to these rules!

Cardinal Rules
  • Personal attacks are not welcome! Criticize ideas if you will, but not people. Excessive flaming will not be tolerated. No member is allowed to engage in public personal attacks on any other member. All we want is a little community kindness and no personal attacks. Let's all work together to accomplish this, ok?
  • No pornographic, sexually offensive, sexually explicit, or objectionable material. Simple rule. Moderator's judgment applies here. Sexually suggestive images will be heavily scrutinized. We'd like our readers to be able to read anything within our forums at work, and/or home, and share this information with co-workers, friends, family, and the family's children as well.
  • Do Not place foul language in the subject threads
  • Restrict the use of foul language within the post. Swearing will not be tolerated on this board at all. Because we are Support forums here, we need to keep it clean. We aren't saying you can't express your opinion, but there are ways to do so without swearing.
  • No blatantly juvenile toilet 'humor'. Simple rule. Moderator's judgement applies here. Talking about what you do to relieve yourself, although engaged in elsewhere (for some bizarre reason), is not wanted or needed here at SAF.
  • Do not post links or requests for Warez (commercial software that has been pirated and illegally made available to the public via a BBS or the Internet)
  • Do not use these Forums for the purposes of sharing or distributing viruses, licenses, registration information, software keys, defeating passwords, or other information designed to do harm to or allow unlawful access to any computer hardware, software, networks, or any other systems. Although there may be legitimate requests for password recovery or reset, SAF does not answer these types of requests or allow discussion on the subject.
  • Respect the privacy of others Do not post other's phone numbers, addresses, pictures, etc., without their permission.
  • Each forum member may have only one account
  • And of course, NO SPAMMING No commercial-oriented posts, and no flooding with useless content.
    (More about spamming under SAF Signature Guidelines)
All complaints need to be communicated privately to Forum Staff or Forum Moderators using either your Private Messenger (registered members only) and/or EMail, who will in turn pass it on to an Administrator. In the event of a valid complaint, the offending post will be edited or removed, and the offending party shall receive no more than two (2) private Moderator Team warnings via PM and/or EMail, and one final Administration warning. If the behavior continues, the member will be banned for a week, and upon a repeat incident, banned permanently. This will apply to all other community members as well.

Common Sense Rules
  • Use descriptive subject lines and research your post This reduces the chances of double-posting, and it also makes it easier for people to see what they do/don't want to read. A good suggestion for you! Scan the subjects of the last several days' posts to make sure you aren't duplicating posts. Also, consider what forum your topic should be posted in.
  • Please, Do not dig up old threads (Off-Topic Forums only) If you want to continue a discussion from an old thread (older than 1 month), create a new thread and then reference the old one in your opening post.
  • "Try" to post in the right forum! We say "try', because a post MIGHT be covered by more than one forum. And there also is the case where one might not know which forum to make the post in. But we DO ask that you make an effort to do so. If it's about Windows 98, post it in that forum. If it's a security issue, post it in the Security Forum(s). We have Off-Topic forums if you come across some humor you want to share, or unusual pic(s), or story, or even some angst you have, post it there. Please resist the temptation to post something in a forum not designated for it just because you think you'll get a "better response" in a particular form. If in doubt, email any of the Mods and we'll be glad to help anyway we can. (Just click on their 'Profile' button in any post, and their email will come up.)
  • HTML is currently disabled in most forums but is enabled in a few. This is subject to change at a later date. But where HTML is enabled, the use of iframes, embedded objects, java and javascript are not welcome. Not everyone has broadband! PLEASE DO NOT attempt to subvert, modify, or disrupt the normal flow or display of the Support Forum or its content. If you have a question about linking or posting, ask away! That's what we're here for!
  • No "Am I Hot or Not", "show me your sexy girlfriend." etc. threads. There are several places for that already. The occasional picture thread is OK (if we're talking about pictures of members' trips, weddings, babies, outings, car(s), etc.), but this is not a dating forum.
Finally, remember that we're not the ratings board here. We're not going to give you a 'PG' for four swears and a gunshot, or an 'R' for five swears and splattering brains. Keeping any hard and fast rules to a minimum means that the moderators can use their good judgment in moderation, and we think the results speak for themselves.

Bottom line: we always give warnings (with the exception of unacceptable posts - sometimes we need to work fast), but we don't necessarily give them more than twice to the same person. If you are disrupting the community, we will take action.

SAF Signature Guidelines

To prevent the abuse of the signature feature here at Suggest A Fix, we have decided to come up with some general signature guidelines, and these will be enforced.
  • Signatures will be no longer than 5 lines
  • Signatures may contain an image, but the image can be no larger than 400x100 and you are only allowed 1 image in your SIG.
    Any signature image that degrades board performance on a consistant basis will be removed, at the disgretion of the moderating team.
  • Signatures may contain a link to your personal site, but may not contain a link to any page that spams, through commercial advertising, often for dubious products, get-rich-quick schemes, or quasi-legal services. Spam costs the sender very little to send -- most of the costs are paid for by the recipient or the carriers rather than by the sender. We will not be the carrier, and this board will not be utilized for spamming, whether within signatures, or within posts. We will not permit any signature, or link embedded within a post, that causes any of our board members and visitors to be directed to any page where a plethora of pop-up advertisement windows are generated. In addition to running the risk of a browser crash, it is just plain rude. This will not be tolerated.
  • No advertising, or linking of sites in signatures or posts, to sites offering information that can be obtained within SAF's forums or tutorials. The SAF staff will remove links made for the purposes of promoting sites providing services that can be obtained within our site at our discretion.
  • Signatures are expected to follow the same guidelines as posts, which means no flaming, no swearing, no personal attacks, and no adult material.
If you are seen violating these guidelines you will be asked once privately to change your signature. If you fail to comply, we will change it for you. These guidelines should be easy to understand and easy to follow. Thanks for your understanding in this matter, and have a nice day.

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Last Updated: Sept. 28, 2002 by The SAF Team. Rules and Guidelines are subject to change.